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Infant & Toddler (Birth-3 yrs)

"The discovery that the child has a mind able to absorb on its own accord produces a revolution in education. We can now understand easily why the first period in human development, in which character is formed, is the most important."  

— Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

The first three years of life are foundational to the development and well-being of a child. In an environment designed and prepared for the young child, the teacher can facilitate the learning during these crucial years. It is within these first few years that the foundations of language, personality and movement are established. 

The purpose of the Montessori Infant & Toddler program is to give our very young children the best environment in which to grow.

As in every Montessori program, the classroom environment is designed especially for the children it will serve. The teachers have been chosen because of their experience and natural ability and desire to work with young children. They are conscious of the needs and developmental stages of young children, and they desire to assist them in their growth. The classroom is a peaceful room, a warm and welcoming place. While the infants share the environment providing a family-like atmosphere, each group has a space outfitted to meet their particular developmental stages. Each aspect of the room-the arrangement of furniture (appropriately-sized tables and chairs, shelves, and cots), the selection of toys and materials, the activity spaces designed to encourage freedom of movement and exploration as well as the development of large and small muscles-have been planned to reflect and meet the needs of the children.

The Toddler community provides a developmentally appropriate environment, supporting the young child’s need for exploration and drive for independence. Within the Toddler community, choices are presented to the child each day that give them opportunities to meet the needs of their sensitive periods: movement, language, and order.

The Toddler curriculum contains components for the Primary curriculum, but modified for children 24-36 months old and their very special stages of development. It is a period characterized by a need to develop large motor skills and a curiosity which leads to exploration. 

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