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Dear Families, 


My name is Lori Bossy and I am the head of school and founder of Montessori Visions Academy. I opened MVA in 1999 with a hope to build a school that fosters a sense of community, supports the growth of the whole child, and ignites a lifelong love of learning in the students.   


I was originally introduced to the Montessori philosophy while I was getting my master’s degree in Education. I was struck by the foundation of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. She emphasized the importance of “following the child,” a concept that seemed new and innovative to me compared with traditional education systems. In the Montessori classroom, teachers act as guides to the child’s own process of exploration and growth. In this way, the curriculum is designed for the development of the whole person – mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. 


At Montessori Visions Academy, infants through 12th grade students experience an academically enriched atmosphere embedded in a well-ordered social community. Students learn through a hands-on approach by using manipulative classroom materials, as well as through teacher guidance. The multi-age classroom emphasizes connectivity between students within a peaceful, supportive environment. 


As a busy mother of four girls (now women), I resonate deeply with the philosophy of Montessori education. I believe it takes a village to raise a family, and so I know how important community can be in a child’s life. I also know the value of supporting children in finding their own innate love of learning, trusting their own intrinsic wisdom as they become peaceful, respectful, and productive members of society. In our Montessori Visions Academy community, we hope to support all of our students in achieving these goals. 


I look forward to welcoming you to our community. 



Lori Jo Bossy

Head of School

Montessori teacher, Montessori school, Las Vegas, Henderson
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