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Sameani Green

Mrs. Green was born and raised in Brazil.  She has a bachelor's degree in business administration. and previously worked in finance and costumer service. For over 6 years, she has worked as a volunteer in a children's organization as a leader and teacher. She loves helping children and decided she would like to work in ​​early childhood education. She moved to the U.S. in 2016 and since then has devoted herself to educational instruction. When she learned about Montessori education, she fell in love with the philosophy and joined Montessori Visions. Mrs. Green has Montessori credentials in Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood. In her free time, she spends time with her family, volunteers at her church, and enjoys nature.

Tyra Knutsen.jpg

Tyra Knutsen

Tyra Knutsen grew up traveling around the world with her military family and is happy to be settled in Las Vegas.  She has tutored students as well as helped family members and friends by caring for younger children.   Her aunt has been a Montessori teacher for many years and has encouraged Ms. Knutsen to pursue this career as well.  She appreciates the goals of Montessori which encourages children to share their feelings, make choices for themselves, and be active participants in their education.  She spends her spare time reading, reading, reading and loves to read with her students whenever possible.

Megan Marino.jpg

Megan Marino

Megan Marino was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Loyola University of Chicago where she pursued a degree in Biology and Psychology.  She has years of experience working with children with disabilities as well as teaching children of all ages how to swim.  After having her daughter, she learned about Montessori education and felt that the philosophy and ethics aligned with her goals for raising her own child.  Joining Montessori Visions Academy has allowed her to be an active member of the community that follows her educational beliefs and raise her daughter in the Montessori way.  Ms. Marino also enjoys spending time with family, being active outdoors as much as possible, and continuing to grow in her knowledge of Montessori education and child development.

Margie Mendoza.jpg

Margielet Mendoza

Mrs. Mendoza has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has taken units towards a Master's degree in Education in the area of Child Study. Prior to  coming to the United States, she was a school teacher for thirteen years in a private Catholic school in the Philippines. Since 2001, she has worked in the infant/toddler age group where she holds a CDA Certificate and is Montessori trained. She loves reading  stories to the children, encouraging them to engage with the characters, and  learn values from the story. She loves books and collects children's books and professional readings. She is excited to be teaching using the Montessori philosophy and really appreciates how the environment helps young children develop independence and confidence.  

Erika Oliveros.jpg

Erika Oliveros-Rojas

Ms. Oliveros-Rojas was born in Lima, Peru but has lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. She has four children, 3 boys and 1 girl.  Ms. Oliveros-Rojas has a bachelor’s degree in elementary school education, a master’s degree in management of education institutions from Madrid, Spain, and another master's in school management from Lima, Peru. With 25 years of experience in education, Ms. Oliveros-Rojas loves working in Montessori because she feels the method complements her studies and motivates her to continue in this wonderful journey as a teacher. As someone who loves working with children, she is so excited to share her knowledge and experience to them.

Marialicia Perez-Mcgee.jpg

Marialicia Perez-McGee

Ms. Perez-McGee has lived in Florida and Colorado, and is happy to be settled in Nevada.  She has many years experience working with young children, beginning as a teenager helping her mom care for children.  She especially enjoys teaching young children sign language, music, dancing and art.  Ms. Perez-McGee is excited to teach children using the hands-on materials and helping them develop independence in the Montessori environment. Her hobbies include drawing, dancing and singing.

Sueli Riquerme.jpeg

Sueli Riquerme

Ms. Riquerme was born and raised in Brazil. She has a bachelor's degree in pedagogy and a specialization in institutional and clinical psychology along with more than 15 years of experience in school administration. She also has over 30 years of volunteer work with children and youths. She studied about Montessori philosophy in college, and learned about Montessori Visions through her daughter and is happy to be part of our Montessori community. Her hobbies are reading, painting and going to church with her family.

Ariel Roes.png

Ariel Roes

Ms. Roes lived in Arizona for most of her life and attended Northland Pioneer College where she majored in music and theatre. She discovered the Montessori philosophy from her older sisters and decided to move to Las Vegas to join Montessori Visions Academy and become and a Montessori certified teacher. She loves to read suspenseful books and swim. She can be found randomly singing and quoting movies.  

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